A nice day

Last Saturday, some of the knit night ladies went to a couple of yarn shops because some of them hadn’t been to the Salt Lake shops yet. Kit and I took Glenna and Lorraine to Three Wishes and Gardner Village. We started out at Three Wishes where they were hosting an open house. There were chairs set up with some people spinning. Kit set up her wheel and I knit for a bit. I may or may not have broken my yarn diet again, but this time with fiber. I have a small amount of spinning stash and I haven’t spun anything since finishing those singles made from roving that I dyed with Kool Aid last summer. I was commenting to Kit that if saw roving that had that particular orange, purple and black shiny stuff that another lady next to us was spinning I might have to get some. Of course I saw some in the shop. After hardly any much encouragement from Kit, I purchased some. I may or may not have purchase silk hankies in a similar colorway. Both come from Greenwood Fiberworks.

It’s coming up on a year since I got my spinning wheel and I stopped spinning after finishing some singles and not feeling confident enough to ply them. I would really like to get back to it and I think this fiber might do the trick.

Our next stop on our mini yarn crawl was Gardner Village to visit Kamille’s where I made the Yarn Score of the Century. For probably about a year I’ve had my eye on this Halloween-ish colorway in Noro Furisode. Both of my readers know that I adore Halloween and Halloween colors and Noro yarn. I almost bought this yarn at various times at 30% and 25% off but always put it back knowing I was on a severe yarn diet and that I had a storage tub full of Noro. I deserve a medal for doing that because I have a weakness for Noro. I hate the knots that are in almost every skein but I love, love, love the colors. That day I found those very skeins, four of them, in the $5 bin. I snatched them up and then made the girl at the counter call Kamille to make sure they were really for sale at $5. This yarn typically carries a $20ish price tag. Sure enough, the Knitting Goddess and Kamille smiled upon me and that yarn was MINE, MINE, MINE for $5. My day was made. I sent a text to the knitting ladies that weren’t with us that day. I posted on Facebook. I may have mentioned to a few, random, passers by that most certainly couldn’t have cared less that I BOUGHT NORO FOR ALMOST NOTHING.

Gardner Village was hosting a Farmer’s Market with loads of fabulous vendors and activities. Glenn didn’t have her camera with her so I turned her loose with mine. We saw baby geese, a guy making balloon animals while wearing a really great costume, purchased fudge/goodies at the sweet shop and had a yummy lunch at the bakery.

This Saturday I’m going to the Provo Farmer’s Market to celebrate World Wide Knit in Public which has expanded to a week instead of just one day. We are going to find a nice shady spot to sit and knit, crochet or spin. I can’t wait to look around and sample all the tasty treats that are usually there.