2.2 million knitters endanger the Olympics

Wow, we just didn’t know our own strength. I’m all over respecting copyright and intellectual property. I’m not one of those people that thinks that Disney should lose rights to Micky Mouse after a certain amount of time. I haven’t purchased any of the patterns that feature Olympic symbols that I know or suspect don’t have permission from the USOC, nor do I have any plans to. But I’m damn well going to knit a free pattern with those things on it if I want to. And no, I won’t sell the items. To suggest (hell, they didn’t suggest, they came right out and said it) that by participating in a celebration of the games by knitting or crafting something during those games we are insulting athletes is ludicrous. Insane. Insulting. Depressing.

Who would have thought that this:


or Heaven help us, this:

would denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games. And by the way, how would paying a dollar for a dishcloth pattern with the Olympic symbol on it take away a single penny from sponsors like, say, McDonalds? Have knitted dishcloths been shown to instill fear of artery clogging foods? Are people suddenly going to stop using GE light bulbs, drinking Coca-Cola, buying Proctor & Gamble products, or inhaling Cadbury chocolate? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

I know this is ungracious of me, what else can you expect from a Destroyer Of The Olympics, but no, I do not accept your flimsy attempt of an apology.

Knitters are kind. They are generous. They donate to countless charities. They and other crafters created 5000 cushions to give to the Olympic athletes in London. These people aren’t just tossing money (although that is a very worthy thing to do) at someone. They are giving their TIME. Time is a precious commodity in our insanely busy lives and they are GIVING IT AWAY.  I love and support our athletes and admire the things that they can do, but when the race is over and the game is won or lost, what is leftover to show for it? When a crafter spends time (you know, that really valuable stuff that we never have enough of) on their project, a tangible object is created. A pair of socks, mittens, a hat, a blanket, a toy, something that is then given to a recipient to keep them warm, bring joy, or perform some other useful function. An object that says I love, honor and respect you SO MUCH that I not only gave you a few yards of fiber in an interesting shape, I gave you MY TIME.

How could this possibly, by any stretch of the imagination or any definition of the word “denigrate” anything?

I have to admit, my feelings of excitement about the Olympics has been squashed just a little, buried under a big, stinking pile of greed.