I decided that a visit to my mother in Texas was in order and literally on the way out of town we stopped by my sister in law’s house, where her second daughter is staying while recovering from having her first baby. I dropped off a bag of goodies, snapped a pic, snuggled the baby and skeedaddled. It was a lovely drive, we were in no hurry but made better time than we did last time, probably because we didn’t stop nearly as many times as we did on previous trips.

Let’s just say that all of July and the first half of August was hell and leave it at that, shall we?

On to the knitting.

I am, according to the Scarf O’ Matic  (link here) 68% done with The Scarf. By the time I actually post this it will likely be a bit more.

I did almost nothing for Nerd Wars and HPKCHC (see first paragraph, hell = almost no knitting). As soon as The Scarf is done and the happy dance is danced, I’m going to start on Mom’s shawl.  It’s going to be so gorgeous!