It’s a Halloween thing

Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for and the Halloween theme seems to dominate most of my crafting this month.

These are the socks I have been working on for the past couple of days. You may recognize them from last year. If I’d been blogging for longer I bet you would recognize them from the year before.  🙂

I finished one of them and if I have some crafting time leftover after HPKCHC and Nerd Wars,  I might cast on for the other one. I don’t feel the need to finish things by Halloween, I just like working on them during the season.

This is the cross stitch I’m going to work on later.

This is the quilt I’ve been working on as I reacquaint myself with my sparse sewing skills.

I got to decorate for Halloween a bit early because we were cleaning and organizing the basement in the middle of September and figured I may as well keep the holiday decorations out. Danica commented that it looked like the house vomited Halloween. I was a teensy bit hurt by that. I admit that I’m a bit more sensitive to my childrens’ criticisms than I used to be. Chalk that up to a hellacious summer that I am very glad is over. Honestly, the rest of the year can bite me and should just go ahead and let the door hit it in the ass on the way out. Moving on.

Personally, I think the house looks great and I’m going to dig out the purple and orange lights and put them up soon.

You know, I think I have some Halloween roving/batts around here somewhere that I could start to spin.

I love Gardner Village this time of year, they really go all out with the decorations. The place is covered with decorations. The two older step kids went hiking so David and I took the younger ones and Danica’s boyfriend, Justin, there for some treats and some fun. We followed that up by a visit to the Kennecott mine. Eliza looked cute in her purple and black dress topped off by my witches hat. You can see Ninja Stuart peeking out from behind the witch.