Another start

Is it Startitis or am I just trying to avoid Christmas knitting? I just haven’t been able to really sit down and get any significant amounts of knitting done. How do other people do it? I’m constantly amazed by the various knitting blogs I follow and how much they get done. Well, as the Yarn Harlot said – knitting goes faster when you knit.

Well, there’s my problem. World of Warcraft events may or may not have had something to do with my lack of knitting. I spent a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday weekend playing WoW with my hubby and my daughter’s boyfriend.

Still, my inner knitter demanded to be given some equal time and this yarn demanded to be knit. What else could I do but wind it up (not loving the Boye yarn swift, btw) and start a sock? Does it look like a sock monkey mouth to anyone else?

I need to knit faster.

At least the scarves seem to be growing. A little.

A good start

A good start to the Fall/Winter season has happened. The strictly Halloween decorations have been put away, leaving behind an Autumn look inside the house. Outside the house has been delightfully different. This has been the view from my balcony the past few days:

I hope we get a lot more this season. The snow is so beautiful and one of the things that I love best about Utah. During this lovely weather, I have been hardly working hard at work on the seasonal knitting. Good starts have been made on several things.

Mom’s socks.  Either I haven’t had enough sleep or the sock and needles look kinda like a moose. Keaton isn’t any more impressed now than he was earlier.

A few scarves are on the needles.

And a little something for me although I suspect they won’t get finished in time for me to enjoy them. Still, it’s nice to think I am knitting something for myself.

The quilting/sewing things have all been put away in the basement since it was determined that the sewing machine that I thought belonged to the family was determined to belong to a daughter that no longer lives with me. She took it home with her and I just can’t make myself spend the money on a machine for myself right now. Maybe later when my budget starts to look a little less scary. For now, I’ve got a lot to knit!


A fresh start

After so many false starts, I am off to what is hopefully a good one by casting on 92 stitches with the help of stitch markers. I didn’t want to add the frustration of counting incorrectly to what has been an interesting quest to make my mother a shawl. I started off with the Virginia shawl and just couldn’t get the stitch count on the rows to come out right. Row after row had to be tinked back, recounted, reknit and then tinked again until finally I had to admit that either I am way too distracted for this pattern or just not capable. Both are very possible. Then I thought I would knit just a plain garter stitch shawl with a simple yarn over at each edge (which is what the first few rows of Virginia are). It looked okay and I though the fanciness of the yarn would make up for the super plain pattern, but it just didn’t seem suitable enough for my mother. I wanted her to have something fantastic that would look good with this really fantastic (and kinda pricey) yarn from Blue Heron. After browsing through the Ravelry pattern database for weeks, I came across a pattern that I thought I could do and already had in my stash.

So, here we are, a fresh start with Fall Leaves shawl from Spin Off, Fall 2009.

I’m hopeful that the Universe has decided that I’m capable of this one.