Another start

Is it Startitis or am I just trying to avoid Christmas knitting? I just haven’t been able to really sit down and get any significant amounts of knitting done. How do other people do it? I’m constantly amazed by the various knitting blogs I follow and how much they get done. Well, as the Yarn Harlot said – knitting goes faster when you knit.

Well, there’s my problem. World of Warcraft events may or may not have had something to do with my lack of knitting. I spent a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday weekend playing WoW with my hubby and my daughter’s boyfriend.

Still, my inner knitter demanded to be given some equal time and this yarn demanded to be knit. What else could I do but wind it up (not loving the Boye yarn swift, btw) and start a sock? Does it look like a sock monkey mouth to anyone else?

I need to knit faster.

At least the scarves seem to be growing. A little.