It’s raining and dreary looking outside and I kinda like it. I’ve always enjoyed the sound the cars make on 800 N when the road is wet.  It sounds cozy, somehow. I can hear outside that the world is wet and probably a little on the cold side and I’m in the warm, safe cocoon of my little house.  I love my little house.  It’s small, it doesn’t have the yard I want and it has an HOA but it’s nicely finished on the inside. It has things that I didn’t have before like air conditioning and a dishwasher. There is a tree outside that is covered with flowers in the spring. The walls are all nicely painted, and it has nice trim around the doors and windows, and the main floor has a nice shade of bead board. It’s much too cluttered, and full of other people’s stuff, but I know that is only a short chapter of the book that is my life in this house.

The book began with me moving out of a bad situation and into a better one. I was looking for a safe haven and I didn’t care what it looked like and was willing to accept anything as long as it wasn’t where I was previously. So many things happened right when I needed them to happen and I ended up not just in an okay place, but in the Perfect Place. It turned out to be something really cute, and exactly what I had always wanted my previous house to look like. The neighborhood turned out to be a place where I fit in like I never fit in at the old place. I am close to my best friend who was my lifeline during that time. I miss certain things about the old house, but I knew I couldn’t manage similar things in my new life. For example, I wasn’t going to be able to take care of a yard and here I don’t have to. While I was able to keep my dog and three cats, I wasn’t going to be able to take care of the geese, a sheep, and a hive of bees. The HOA wouldn’t allow those things anyway.

The book has continued on with ups and downs and blessedly so many more ups than downs. There are a very few things that I miss, but I kept and gained so many more things that I needed and wanted. I had started to say ‘as luck would have it’ but I know it isn’t luck. It was Divinely guided by a loving Heavenly Father that has always looked out for me and taken care of me. He has always placed people around me to help take care of me and has always placed me in positions where I could take care of myself. I acknowledge this without reservation.

I acknowledge these things, because changes are coming to my life again and I’m trying not to be afraid by reminding myself that I have always been supported and cared for by visible and invisible means.

My little house is just one small example of this. My warm, safe cocoon where I can listen to the rain.


And so we say Goodbye

Dear Sally,

I know none of us will miss you as much as our Daddy misses, but I want you know I thought you were a fantastic little sister.  Thank you for being such a great companion to Daddy for ten wonderful years.

See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Say hello to Betsey, Ditch, and Jessica for me.


I don’t think that means what you think it means

My friend, Kit, sent me a link to What’s New section of the The Loopy Ewe website. They had received a shipment of the ever coveted, but hard to get Wollemeise yarn. I wasn’t really interested in buying any, but I went to the site to ogle all the pretty colors and to check out what other yarny goodness might be for sale. My content filter shut me down while I was only on page three of the What’s New section.  I was just getting into drooling over a lime green messenger bag from Namaste.

For wool’s sake, what in the hell could be possibly be shutting me down on a yarn website? I mean, yeah, we knitters refer to some of the products as yarn porn, and my favorite blogger calls herself a Yarn Harlot, but I’m pretty sure those words did not exist on this site. I enlisted the aid of DH to track down what was wrong and was greeted with the following:

Member, as in yarn club member, seriously?  And dudes, fingering is a weight of yarn!

Will trading knitting time for cleaning time

The Ravelry forums are full of stories about knitters getting asked to knit for people that aren’t generally knit worthy and I certainly have a few of my own. I don’t often get asked to knit things for people. Given my past experiences, I don’t know whether I should be grateful for that or slightly offended. For the future rare occasions when I am asked, I think my standard counter offer should be that if someone wants me to knit something for them,  they have to come clean my house. I will knit on their chosen object while they are cleaning. I’m a slow knitter so it might take many cleaning sessions to get their object finished.

One the needles today is a granny square baby blanket as my large extended family is due for another little to arrive in December.  Babies are always knit/crochet worthy.

baby blanket

I’ve also decided to get a pair of socks on the needles on my desk so I can pick them up and work on them whenever I get a spare minute. Having them sitting right here means I don’t have to use up time digging through my WIP basket looking for something to spend a few minutes on.

Sock on desk