Independence Day and Spring Bugs

I wrote previously about the safe haven I created for myself 5 years ago.  I moved here in early April of 2008.  On April 28th of this year I passed another anniversary, the one that I like to call my own personal Independence Day. I freed myself from an untenable position and launched myself into a situation where my time, space, money and decisions were all my own. It was incredible.

Since then,  many things have happened.  Some have been horrific, but most of them, 90-ish percent of them, have been incredible and wonderful and I have been so grateful to have these good experiences to help me get through the bad ones. I share that time, space, money, and decision making.  But now, it’s with someone who is worthy of that trust.

A little spring bug hit us and what started out as a little panty reorganization turned into a several day project that included sanding and repainting the pantry shelves. I love it that hubby is open to this kind of thing. It was kinda fun, we sanded the shelves down through at least 3 layers of paint  and now have freshly painted shelves. Everything didn’t go back in as nicely as I wanted it to, my organization efforts got scrambled when we had to move stuff out of the way, but I can fix that another day. I’ve done a little Ebay shopping and procured a couple more Tupperware items to match what I already had, and when I can bring myself to rearrange the pantry items again it should look pretty spiffy.



Sanding was messy.


Hey, it looks like my pantry exploded all over my living room. Most of it is back in the pantry now, but there isn’t a set spot for anything.


Another little spring bug is happening in the form of crocheting for another family baby that should make an appearance in the winter.  I’m excited to be making another little blanket. I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies to keep me in my spot and working so that I can get this done quickly so I can get to work on some other projects.  I really, REALLY need to start on my mom’s shawl.  I’m thinking of changing patterns yet again.  I just don’t see how I can wrap my head around that Virginia pattern.  It’s so beautiful, but the pattern is several charts scattered over several pages and even with Knit Companion I just don’t see how I can accomplish this without a lot of focus and dedication.  Two things I just don’t have right now.


Aren’t the colors cute?