Once again, I attempt heels.

Here is where I get out most of my sock books to figure out what I want to do about the heels.

sock knitting

It’s no secret that I tend to choke when I get to the heels of a knitted sock.  I tend to prefer toe-up, so I get the toe and foot done, panic at the thought of turning a heel, and then start another sock.  I have 5 socks (two and one-half pairs) ready for the heels.  If I hadn’t recently frogged a pair or two, (okay, three), I would have a lot more.  Honestly, I have frogged more pairs of socks than I have finished.  I have finished socks before, four pairs if memory serves, so I know I can not only finish socks, I can turn a heel.  This recent sock knitting phase finds me DETERMINED to overcome my fear of heels.  I knit several socks to the heel point so that I could turn several heels, one right after the other, in an attempt to solidify in my mind that I am not only capable of, but comfortable with, knitting the heels of socks.

I spent many agonizing moments, days, weeks, trying to decide which type of heel I wanted to do.  I definitely didn’t want a heel flap, I detest picking up stitches.  Maybe as I become a more confident knitter I will feel differently, but this year isn’t it. I tried a heel that called for a gusset but that wasn’t really doing it for me either, so I decided on a short row heel.

How many freaking ways to do a short row heel does there need to be?

Also, I still haven’t worked on my mother’s shawl.