No brainer

I didn’t *really* need to go to the conference with David and there wasn’t much for me to do there (we’re go to nor plan on going to see any shows), but I was invited and honestly, if I have a choice of hanging out at home and rav/knitting/reading/cooking/cleaning or rav/knitting/reading/lazing/being fed/cleaned up after at no extra cost to my family you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to choose the latter.

I didn’t even go looking for a yarn shop. It’s a five hour drive from my house to Vegas and I unapologetically worked on all four of the projects I brought with me. We were only going to be gone for 4 days, but yes, I brought a few weeks worth of knitting with me. Because, people, WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF YARN??  You never know when the Universe will turn inside out and I will suddenly be an uber knitter that can whip out a sock in a day. See what I did there? It’s my hedge against Murphy’s law. If I bring more yarn than I need, I won’t run out.

I worked on these, plus another project that I didn’t take a picture of for some reason and don’t feel like digging out of the bag:

Ghostie socksfingerless mittsSAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes, that is my new Pumpkin Spice Namaste knitting bag. I adore it. Thank you for asking.

The room was very nice and spacious.  In addition to the king sized bed, there was a comfy couch with a chaise where I spent most of my time. There was also a big soaking tub that fit yours truly quite nicely.


While David attended the conference, I hung out mostly in the hotel room, knitting, napping, soaking, and reading.  I attended one of the classes, went to dinner with David and his c0-workers, but mostly just relaxed. I occasionally took walks through the hotel casino, mostly in search of a large Dr. Pepper, but the smoke and noise eventually drove me back to the quiet of the room.  And it was blissfully quiet.

It was wonderful. I really need to do it again sometime.