I’ve added several more squares to the granny square blanket.


I have enough squares for a crib sized blanket.  I’m aiming for a lap throw so I’ll need to make several more. I’m hoping to use each color combination at least once and then add a border. We’ll see how big that makes it. I ordered even more of the yellow yarn, it was $1.49 a skein online so I kinda had to. All sixteen skeins of it.  I’m going to have so much of the other colors left that I figured why not? And if I end up with a lot of yellow, then I’ll just have to make some yellow stuff.  It’s a decent yarn so anything made out of it should turn out nice. My next blanket plan is this pattern: Mitered Granny Square Baby Blanket

I still wish I had some white yarn, but it will still look nice with the yellow.  I may have to do this kind of blanket again with a decent acrylic that has all the colors I want. Or I could just go crazy and go get the yarn I want, because that’s just how I roll.

Dory from Nemo  (5 second memory) meme

I decided that my son just had to have a Minecraft Creeper hat, so I purchased some yarn from Knit Picks and started a swatch:


I found a creeper chart on Ravelry and will just toss that into the basic hat pattern that I use.  I plan on doing a 2 x 2 rib but if I can’t make that work out mathematically then I’ll just do a roll brim.