This could be good.


This project has been bugging me for several months. It really wanted to be started. I had been hoping to use Knit Picks Brava because I had the colors already stashed for other projects and was sure to have leftovers.  It’s a nice acrylic and I didn’t think I would mind making a whole afghan out of it. Knit Picks wasn’t going to have more of the orange and white in stock for a while,  I really didn’t want to wait any longer. It is also more expensive than Red Heart and money is kind of an issue right now.  I finally bought the yarn and prepared to have my hands shredded by the cheap acrylic. Red Heart seems to have changed their Super Saver line a bit, the yarn was softer than I thought. It’s definitely not the softest acrylic on the market but it has been really tolerable.  I mean, damn near… nice.


I got this far on the blanket and decided that I wanted it wider.



I don’t mind ripping this one out if it means I get a blanket that is big enough to snuggle under.  This is for me so I don’t have time frame.  If I have it done by Halloween, great, if not, I’ll live and it will be just as fun to have something Halloweeny to work during the season.

Important decisions

I couldn’t decide which color of contact case to get, so I bought a jar of all the colors.




Back when I was kid, you used the same contact (if you used one at all rather than just tossing them on the dresser) case for as long as the contacts lasted. Seriously though, a whole jar of different colored contact cases.  How cool is that?