Nine row repeats

2015-03-18 20.35.40

This is after nine row repeats, so 144 rows. I like how this picture shows off the leaf pattern. I also like how it’s finally gotten to the point where I can kinda tell what comes next by looking at the row before.  My knitting friends call this “reading my knitting”.

Good thing I like to read.

Knitting is a mystery

Can someone explain to me why I can take this easy little chart

2015-03-12 22.05.37

out of a cuff down sock pattern, drop it into a toe up sock pattern, use another pattern for various bits with relative ease. Btw, I’m not good at socks.

2015-03-12 22.51.54

And yet a simple shawl with this easy little chart (Fall Leaves Shawl, Spin Off Magazine)

2015-03-12 22.05.57

with no other modifications has taken me down a three year trail of painful woe, frustration, and heartache?

Even though I’ve just finished the 7th 16 row repeat, I don’t dare say it’s going well. But I can safely say that I like how it looks.

2015-02-28 14.28.10

Can’t I?

Dear Keeper of the Knitting Mysteries, may I?