Second verse

Almost the same as the first

2016-01-23 21.26.15

Chynna’s beloved watermelon hat suffered a cruel fate. It melted in our washer while the thing was only washing in super hot water. I started a new one for her using the leftover yarn from the first one.  I spent most of my available energy today searching the house for the beads. I finally gave up and had Danica pick some up for me while she was out today. I’ve started adding the beads and realized that I didn’t leave as many rows between the beads as I did last time. I think it’s still going to look okay.

You may think I’m a little annoyed at the washer and yes, I am. But not for the reasons you might think. I’m sad that the sweaters were roughed up a little, but the hat? It’s okay. I was talking to a lady in my neighborhood the other day who mentioned that she didn’t want to use a handknit dishcloth for fear of messing it up. I encouraged her to go ahead and use it. Knitters like it when their hand knits get used and in the case of small things like hats, gloves, and dishcloths, we don’t really mind when they get used up, well-loved, and worn out. We then have someone else to knit for someone who have proved themselves knit (or crochet) worthy. My mom loves and uses and uses up the dishcloths I knit for her. Even better, she gives me feedback on the styles and patterns that work the best. I often hope for the day when I get to hear that a child has loved and worn out the blanket I made for them. My kids love their crochet blankets and my son kept his around for far longer than he probably wants people to know. Maybe my grandchildren will be the same.

If you don’t use up and wear out what we make you, what will we make you next year?