Another hat and a handy tip

Danica wanted a slouchy hat that would go with most of the things she wears. I started out with a shorter ribbed band and 88 stitches.  This was a bit snug and didn’t really look like what I was going for at the bottom. 

2016-02-06 20.50.11

I frogged it, recast on with 92 and went for a 4 inch 2×2 ribbed band. This fit Danica’s head better and looked more like what we wanted.

2016-02-07 10.47.15 2016-02-12 12.38.48

I got tired of juggling the two balls of yarn I am using, so whichever ball isn’t in use gets tucked into the hat while I’m working with the other ball. Genius.

2016-02-20 22.48.38

I love how the hat is turning out. I’m doing the decreases now and I have to remember to always stop just before I start a descrease row. Otherwise, I have to squint at all the stitches to figure out what I’ve done last. The pattern was written for fingering weight, which meant a lot more cast on stitches. The yarn I’m using is called worsted weight, but it’s really more like a sport weight.  I did swatch, but as we know swatches lie like dogs on rugs, so I did have to go up a few stitches.  This also means the decreases may also not work exactly like the pattern so I’m going to have to fiddle with that a bit, too. I should have put in a lifeline. 

It’s a random slouchy hat pattern I picked off of Ravelry, using Knit Picks Chroma. I don’t really need a pattern for these types of hats since I’ve made so many that are similar.  But this is the picture I looked at to get what I wanted and I thought I should list it on my Ravelry project page and give props to the designer. I had to figure out my own number of CO stitches since I was using a different weight of yarn, but the measurements for the 2×2 rib and the length of the hat were very helpful. I alternate the colors every other round and carry the other color up the inside of the hat. No ends to weave in! I want to make one for myself. I will if I can ever get out from under the pile of things I have lined up to make for other people.