No, really, I’m swatching.

I’m reswatching for this project because I forgot to note what needles I used for the swatch I found stashed with the yarn. I can’t afford to assume I used the size 3 needles called for in the pattern, I’m just not that lucky. Swatches lie anyway, I may as well try to hedge my bets. I’ve frogged the swatch and am starting again.

2016-05-31 14.48.21

This means that I have created a swatch for a project not just once, but twice.

I’m pretty sure I have to turn in my Reckless Knitter card.


This is a little more my style


2016-05-28 13.58.15


2016-05-28 14.05.36


2016-05-28 14.21.29

I’m not sure if things match exactly like they’re supposed to but it feels more like “me”.  I may take down the top bits entirely but we’ll see how this feels for a few days. And by ‘we” I mean “me, myself, and I”.


I’m trying so hard to be a good kid and to use up my stash but, I keep running into instances where I have to go buy yarn.

2016-05-15 18.58.28

I either have to go buy yarn, or I have to adjust my own natural gauge and use the black yarn I have. It’s Red Heart like the green yarn I’m using here, but it turned out to be thicker.  It was so frustrating.

So is this:

2016-05-15 20.25.09

Same yarn, same hook, same crocheter.

I bought more yarn. Life is too short to try to force Red Heart to work for a project like this.

#knitterworldproblems  #crochetworldproblems

Two Steps Forward

I’m pretty sure this is more than one step back…

2016-05-18 14.50.15

I keep messing up the number of rows between the decrease rows and then I’ve goofed up the number of stitches on each needles. That means I’ve skipped a decrease somewhere. I’ve had to rip back to before the decreases twice now.

2016-05-18 14.49.31

And where was my brain when this happened?

To Slouch or not To Slouch

That is the question.

Answer: I sort of slouched. I started the decreases several rows earlier than I did on Danica’s hat.  I’m going to weigh the yarn to be sure, but I think I will have enough of the Groovy colorway left to make another hat.

2016-05-12 20.11.20

While I’m knitting with one color, I put the ball of the other color into the hat to keep it out of the way. Oh, the cleverness of me.

2016-05-12 18.10.322016-05-12 20.07.17

2016-05-11 14.06.082016-05-11 16.14.57

I took these pictures earlier in the hat’s life. I don’t know if you can see the difference in the thickness of the yarn.  This is one of the very few things that bugs me about this yarn. Ah Chroma, bless your ever lovin’ wonky, inconsistent gauge. It’s a good thing you’re soft and pretty.



It’s not that bad

It finally stopped raining. Which, I guess is a good thing. I like the rain and we really can use a lot of it. I am definitely not the type of person that whines when there is a lot of rainy or snowy weather. It is nice, however, to have variety and I appreciate a good mix of sunny and rainy weather.

2016-05-09 10.26.09

I started the hat even though I wasn’t sure I was going to like the colors.  I started with the Chroma Natural and I’ll decide on what the other color will be later. I may change my mind several times before I settle on which color to choose. I started this hat with the idea that I would turn it in for a class for HPKCHC, because clearly I am delusional enough to think that I can knit a hat in 20 days on top of all the blanket squares I’m planning on doing. If it were an aran or bulky weight hat, sure, I would totally believe I could do this. But this is not an aran or bulky weight hat, it is more like sport weight. Even though the yarn label says worsted weight, I know that not all worsted weights are created equal. This is clearly NOT Vanna’s Choice worsted weight, nor even Red Heart’s worsted weight.  It is Knit Picks Chroma worsted weight and Chroma is a much finer worsted weight.

I’m not sure what I was thinking about, but it threw off my groove.

2016-05-10 09.59.47

Is it true that putting on a hat will keep your feet warm? If so, I wish this hat were done now, because my feet are cold.


  1. I ordered yarn for a hat.
  2. I don’t like the colors.
  3. The yarn is no longer on sale.
  4. I really can’t afford more yarn anyway.
  5. It’s raining.
  6. The colors are probably fine, I’m just in a funky mood.
  7. It’s still raining.
  8. I’m going to make the hat anyway
  9. I don’t remember the needles size I used the last time I made this hat.
  10. I have to swatch.
  11. Swatches are lying little bastards.
  12. It’s still raining.



Mother’s Day

How I spent the day before Mother’s Day:

Screenshot 2016-05-07 15.01.39

Playing WoW with my mother 🙂  I have the coolest mom ever 🙂

Side note: Four years ago my ex husband took my son away from me. It’s been four years that my baby has been under this negative influence and I’m heartbroken to say that my son has turned into someone I don’t recognize or understand.  And why was this necessary you might ask? Because goats have to be milked and the ex shouldn’t have to be required to live and work in close enough proximity to his animals to be able to do it himself.

Heartbroken is the word of the day.