Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

After several frogs, I changed the yarn from a skein to a yarn cake hoping that the yarn would be tricked into thinking it was a different yarn that wanted to be lacy arm warmers. It’s acrylic and tricking reasoning with it should be easy.

2016-06-10 12.45.30

See? Now doesn’t this look like yarn that wants to be lacy armwarmer fingerless mitts?

The Sword of Gryffindor Mitts look gorgeous but the pattern is stretching my abilities. This is a good thing, but I often wish patterns weren’t quite so vague. I know that everything can’t be explained in a pattern, there simply isn’t room, but oy… the vagueness. It burns.

Thankfully, I have a good knit group that can help me out.

This Is Very Important

I completely missed the Rep the last 2 rows 3 more times instruction on ROW TWO of the pattern. This is kinda an important step.

Frog Number Four. Or is it Five? I started to tink and thought “screw it” I’m going to go cook dinner. This is a dish I can make in my sleep. I’ll give myself some much needed self-confidence.

The chicken isn’t defrosted. I’m back to tinking. If I weren’t LDS, this would be a glass of wine instead of club soda.  Or maybe a margarita. There are days I miss margaritas.

2016-06-04 17.17.29

Pattern Reading. It’s a thing. I’m really rather annoyed at myself.

Update: Frog Five (or Six).  I don’t think this yarn wants to be this pattern. It’s acrylic. What does acrylic know?

It’s Going To Be One Of Those Patterns

First I had trouble getting started, and reading the pattern was a challenge for me. I have to read a bit of text then switch over to a chart and then switch back to text.

2016-05-31 14.48.21

I got a few rows in and Danica changed her mind about the color I was using.2016-06-01 18.59.48

I started again, which is fine since I like this other yarn better. Yes, it’s acrylic, but it’s softer than the plain wool and slightly lighter in color so easier to knit with.

I’m still struggling with switching between text and chart but I wrote down the pattern and continued on.

I got a few rows in again and had to look up a SSP. Slip, slip, purl, which is like the weirdest thing ever.

Then I had to look up how to yarn over after a purl. I’m not a novice knitter, really, but this was odd and maybe I was already frustrated, or tired, or over caffeinated and couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Thank goodness for youtube videos.

I carried on and near the end of row six, a whopping six rows, I didn’t have the right number of stitches between stitch markers.

I’ve frogged again. This is going to be another one of those patterns that takes me a really long time and where I learn a lot of new things.2016-06-03 15.26.32