Avanyu Hat

My family doesn’t often ask for anything knitted. Since they live in Texas this isn’t surprising. Other than the One Shawl of Doom and my mother’s addiction to hand knit dishcloths, they don’t often ask for knitted things. Oh, they’ve received knitted things, there’s been a Harry Potter scarf and a few hats, but again… Texas. They’re just not going to be worn.

Except for Daddy’s hat. I don’t know if he usually wears it during his morning walks in the winter, but he was wearing it when we visited it at Christmas. It was a simple roll brim hat in Hufflepuff colors that I gave him a couple of years ago. He asked me why I gave him a hat in Pittsburgh Steelers colors.  Muggles.

They were here for a visit in June and Daddy had a knitting request. He wondered if a hat that looked the pottery that he and Mom collect could be made. I said that I thought I probably could and pulled up a few pictures.

avanyu 8 avanyu 3

The winged serpent is called an avanyu. The pottery is black on black so the actual knitting is going to be a little tricky. It’s a good thing I’m already almost blind, otherwise I’d worry about losing my eyesight on this one.

I sketched a few pictures and then transferred one to graph paper. Why do sketches look better the next day? I really didn’t like it the night I drew it. I’ve noticed that happens with tole painting, too. Maybe the crafting fairies come during the night and make things look better.

2016-07-03 09.36.52

I swatched (IKR??) with two sets of colors to see what would give me the look I was going for. The wool  The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Coal and the camera made the colors look a lot lighter than they really are. I’m going to have to knit in bright light.

2016-07-03 09.36.58

All because Daddy asked me for a hat.

We had a great time during Mom and Dad’s visit.

2016-06-20 17.12.02

Yarn barf and a birthday

2016-07-02 15.46.32

How can I have yarn barf at a time like this? It was my birthday. It’s supposed to be a yarn barfless day.

I think the Universe is trying to keep me humble after this happened:

2016-03-07 11.29.57

See all those little tails sticking out? This almost NEVER happens. At least not to me. But the Knitting Goddess of the Universe must have balance and alas, I’ve probably used up a lot of good will with that batch of yarn.

Yarn barf notwithstanding, it was a very good birthday. David made a fabulous breakfast, took me to lunch, and made an incredible dinner.  It was a lovely day.

2016-07-03 09.56.13