Can I cook or what?

I hadn’t planned far enough ahead to know what I want to make with the yarn that will eventually result from this project, but I did know that I wanted a three play yarn, hence three piles of fiber.  I also knew that I wanted three colors plied together with each ply being a different color rather than going for a striping or a variegated yarn. I really liked the pink, orange, and yellow that I did a few years ago so I’m going to do that again. 

I organized my Kool-Aid, as one does, before starting the dye project.


As part of my commitment to planning ahead, I split my remaining Corriedale into three equal piles.


Many packets of Kool-Aid died to bring you this color.  I like how it’s come out so far. I’ll know more about the color when the roving is dyed. I need to look into getting a neon orange color.  I’m also letting the roving stay with the odd white bits in it rather than adding more dye. I think a bigger dye pot is in order, but I really like the glass dishes and how you can see through them. 


To be continued…


Well, I tried.

Yes, I can knit something for an inch on circular needles and then decide to knit two at a time. Because I’m totally a freak like that. Okay, not a freak, I just wanted to avoid Second Item Syndrome.


This is me moving the stitches to another needle while I cast on for the other armwarmer again to catch up to the first armwarmer.


Awkward first row is still awkward.


Transferring stitches back onto longer cable.


Halfway through row 8 of first cuff.  Remember to pick up other strand of yarn from other end of ball.



Two at a time, using two skeins at a time, was not my best idea ever. The yarn ended up tangled in a way that I wouldn’t be able to just untwist the strands. I’m a bit sad about that. I might have been able to fix it if I were willing to cut the yarn and weave in ends.


Back to one at a time. I’m not as much as a freak as I thought. Or maybe I am for trying. It kinda looks like a monster face…

Ya know, I could still cast on with another set of needles and the other skeins of these colorways if I’m really that worried about not finishing the second armwarmer.

Flower Bouquet of Yarn

It makes me so happy when I see a lot of the skeins have the ends already sticking out. It’s like sorcery. 

2016-03-07 11.29.57

It’s like a flower bouquet of yarn.

2016-03-07 11.24.22
I’m turning this into the Bahama Mama baby blanket that I found on Ravelry. I may even make it big enough for a lap blanket instead of a baby blanket. How cool would that be? The Bernat Baby Cakes yarns was out of print. I found Yarn Bee Soft Secret at Hobby Lobby in just the right colors. I started this last March and it will continue to be worked on this winter whenever I need some relief from the winter blahs. 


Ready to ply

I’ve finished what must be my 4th and 5th bobbin of singles.  I’ve yet to ply and I’m ready to change that. One bobbin has a few more grams than the other but I can live with that. I’m still learning and next time I’ll do a little planning ahead and weigh the fiber. I will also pay more attention to which direction the colors are going. These bobbins have the color progressions flipping back and forth. I expect a muddy color when I’m done, but again, this was all a learning exercise. I used the fiber to learn how to dye with Kool Aid, how to spin, and hwo to ply. I think I’ve gotten quite a bit of mileage out of it.


Long ago I purchased a Jumbo Flyer and I think now is the perfect time to try it out. First, I need to prepare the leather bit on the post.


Once the leather bit has soaked in oil for a few hours, I should be ready to learn how to ply. I’m off to watch a few videos.

Done, done, on to the next one


This one goes into the Christmas box and the likely recipient will be a nephew. This hat was made with Vanna’s Choice, in Dusty Blue and one of the grays. I’ve lost the ball band. I’m such a sucker for a quick knit and Yay Me for using up stash.


This one was made with Cascade 220 superwash in Navy. It’s a worsted weight and in the charming tradition of worsted weights, the gauge is significantly different from all the other hats I’ve made this fall. The first few hats were 100 stitches on size 5 needles.  This bad boy is on size 3 needles and I cast on 132 stitches. I did swatch even though swatches usually lie to me but the size looks about right and I’m going to let it be whatever size it wants to be.  If it’s smaller or larger than the other hats, I’ll mark it accordingly and cast on more or less stitches next time. Not everyone has the same size head and it will fit someone, right? However, I think I’ll order the aran weight of yarn for the next batch. Unless I totally fall in love with the slighty thinner fabric I’m going to get. In that case, I’ll just hitch up my big girl knitting panties and make hats with more stitches. Oh, so many more stitches.

Finished objects

I’ve finished a few hats. When I posted about winning at yarn chicken, I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of the other hats I’ve finished recently. I have finished two of the several hats I’m going to make for the local constabulary and two for family gifts.




Maybe if I knit faster


This is totally enough yarn to finish. I lost part of this skein of yarn when I encountered a knot. I had to frog the hat anyway, so I set the part with the knot aside since I was pretty sure I had enough to finish the hat. It’s going to be close. Maybe if I knit faster…

Why bother with swatches?

Swatches are lying little ratfinks. I’m using a yarn I haven’t used before. I dutifully made a swatch and determined that I should cast on 88 stitches for a hat. This is less than the 100 I have been casting for the hats I’ve made recently that fit Chynna just right. I cast on 88, knit several rows of the 2×2 ribbing and then tried it on her head. Way too tight.  I ripped it out, and tried 92 stitches, even though the swatch told me I should be fine with 88. I knit several rows of the 2×2 ribbing and it’s STILL a bit too tight.

So, once again with 96 stitches. I wonder when it’s better to increase the number of stitches versus going up a needle size. I like the fabric I’m getting with the size 5 needles so I didn’t really want to go up to size 5. I suppose I could make another swatch but I’m just to fragile right now to be lied to again.  😉


Oh, well. It’s all knitting. Knitting is good no matter how we get it, right? Right?

Yarn: Red Heart with Love Metallic.