A cute little veggie tray I did for Thanksgiving. We did two Thanksgivings this year to accommodate the kids’ schedules. We couldn’t have everyone together at once, so we did one on Sunday and one on Thanksgiving Thursday. David and I did most of the side dishes on Saturday. On the dinner days, we just did the turkey and popped things in the oven. This year was great because I had a working dishwasher.  It’s been so peaceful keeping everything in my own space.


An interesting sunset as I was on my way to pick up my son for a visit.



The last batch of hats for November are ready for decreases.  I know I can do this. I just have to stop getting sucked into video games, Ravelry, and Pinterest.  As soon as I get these done, I have to work hard to get the armwarmers for the girls done.

I’m seeing double

I like to get the messy part over with.


I haven’t finished the decreases of the current hat but, I need to whip out five hats in three weeks. So, I went to Michaels to get two skeins of Red Heart Soft. I can finish off my batch of eight hats more quickly than I would using the Cascade 220.The messy part of projects in the rounds is casting on and getting the first few rows done, so I cast on two of the remaining five hats today to get that part out of the way. That way I’m more likely to not procrastinate the start of the next hat if it’s just sitting there waiting for me. Two skeins and one set of 16″ circs. That’s all I was going to the store to get.

I can’t be trusted in craft stores.


I fell in love with this gorgeous colorway. I don’t need this yarn. It’s “only” an acrylic and I have tubs full of really nice, nice yarn. But this colorway… I *had* to have it. And well, there was a sale and a coupon sooooooo… yeah. I came home with way more yarn than I really needed. Red Heart Boutique in Sunrise. It’s a roving that reminds me of Knit Picks Chroma. I adore Chroma.  In fact, I had better not go to the KP site in case I find a similar colorway in Chroma. I totally blew my yarn diet. I had been doing so well with the four hats out of older stash.

Oh, well.  Two hats cast on today and about an inch done on each and I’ll cast on two more tomorrow and that should get me well on my way to finishing the hats in time. I’m getting to the Christmas knitting crunch time part of the year.  I have several projects planned and I’m pretty sure I’m not super human knitter enough to get it done. I have my spreadsheet that tells me what things to work on first because they have to get into the  mail and the things that can be finished on Christmas Eve. Or even not be knit at all because I have a back up plan. Thank goodness for Netflix.

I knit a lot today and binge watched Season 1 of Fixer Upper and had a lovely breakfast of carbs to distract myself from my disappointment in the American voters. There are more than two parties in our system but you wouldn’t know it by the way people act. There was so much angst expressed over the two main choices that while I knew a third party wouldn’t win, I expected a higher percentage of third party votes to be cast. But, no. People still winced, whinged, whined, bitched, complained, and claimed they needed showers after casting their vote. Or they just stayed home. Show some backbone, people. If you were honestly gung-ho for either of the two main candidates, good for you for voting your conscience. But if you weren’t, let the two big parties know that you’re displeased by your votes, not your Facebook posts.

We now return to our regularly fiber-filled blog.

FYI – The Loops and Threads circular needles were horrid. The joins caught every single stitch I tried to slide over them and were promptly returned to the store. I picked up a Yarnology set at Hobby Lobby that were perfectly fine.