Almost A List For The New Year

Ah, New Year’s.  The time of year when I think about diets, exercise, knitting only from stash (which is just another name for yarn diet), making lists of things I want to get done, and writing in my journal. Maybe this will be the magical year when those things happen.

New Year’s Eve we had planned to watch the Star Wars movies and just graze on all the leftovers in the house. I’ve been sick since Christmas and didn’t have much energy or desire for anything big. A daughter brought some friends over and a little party happened instead. We had snacks and fizzy drinks and the young people were adorable. I didn’t make it to midnight and happily went to bed a little early.

We didn’t get around to watching the movies until New Years Day. We watched them all and didn’t get too much interference from the loud talkers in the house. It was a day of nostalgia.

I’ve done a tiny bit of knitting and haven’t started anything new. I keep going back and forth about wanting to start things. I would like to finish Chynna’s armwarmers in time for her birthday and then we’ll see where Startitis takes me.

I love the beginning of a year. It is so full of hope and time seems to move just a tiny bit slower. Because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, January 2 is the observed New Year’s Day and all is quiet here. I think most of the kids will be going back to school tomorrow, but our college students haven’t gone back yet.  We have a gentle snow falling and I’m sitting in front of a fire contemplating the lists I would like to make.

I want to get those cute planners that you can color and dress up with stickers and stamps, but I’m pretty sure that I would do little more than just stare at it adoringly and never use it. It makes me happy to see the return of paper planners. I gave up mine years ago and kinda miss it. 

One of the best things about the start of this year is this:


This is our house last night. The house and yard are covered in snow. It’s what I love the most about Utah.


This is the house across the street this morning. I love how the trees look when covered in snow. I wouldn’t relish the actual trip into the mountains, but I would love to already be there to see how everything looks.

2017-01-03-07-43-07 2017-01-03-07-43-22

It may be snowy outside, but inside I have a gorgeous orange tea kettle ready to provide me with tea and hot chocolate.


The knitting I will have to provide for myself. After I get the small disaster area known as my craft room a little more organized.