We pulled off a wedding

In October, my daughter got married and it still doesn’t seem quite real.

Wedding manicure

Wedding day breakfast

Wedding day hair

On our way to the venue

There was very little that I had to do. The heavy lifting was done by the venue, caterer, photographer and Danica herself. Danica did the center pieces, bouquets, and corsages. A seamstress (that turned out to be a cousin) made her dress. I’m exhausted, but that’s mostly mental trying to wrap my head around having a married daughter. I ran a few errands and picked up a few things, but my job in this thing was relatively small. The biggest thing I did, aside from giving birth to her, was to make her a shawl.

Everything was wonderful, everything was beautiful. I got to socialize with friends and family. I got to walk my daughter down the aisle and I got to sign the marriage certificate as a witness. It was a beautiful evening. I sat beside my mother and watched as my husband did a fabulous job officiating the ceremony.

I’ve laughed and cried as my daughter embarked on this new stage in her life.

Then her new husband whisked her away for a honeymoon in Paris and my brain stayed firmly stuck overseas wondering and worrying over their safety until they finally landed back here.