Yarn chicken, this time I won.

I sort of finished a blanket. By “sort of” I mean that I had a small ball of yarn left that I thought might be enough for another round or at least a single crochet edge. A day or so later, I was determined to try. I weighed what I had left. There was 12 grams. I then crocheted one side and weighed again. 8 grams. Well, this should be fine. I finished the round and came up several shells short. Not to be outdone, I ripped back two sides and finished again, this time crocheting a little tighter than I normally do.  Twice.

I should have taken a picture.  It was the closest loss of yarn chicken I’ve ever had.

I ripped all the way back to the beginning of the round and finished it again by crocheting tighter than I normally do. It was a very satisfying game of yarn chicken.


Organizing for a new crafting year.

Aka, the Great Stash Organization of 2018.

I have a few things that I would like to start this year. A candy cane scarf/hat/mitt set for Chynna for one thing. A shawl and a Lanesplitter skirt for myself for another. But, my major crafting focus right now is to finish things. In order to accomplish this, I felt I really needed to get organized. I have a long list of WIPs to get through.

I had a large pile of project bags that I needed to tidy up.  I could have hidden them in totes, but if they’re hidden I’m less likely to work on them. I gathered them all up from the far corners of the craft room and put them in one place. They’re all within reach of my office chair. But, still a little unorganized.

I took all the hats and put them in one bag, all the socks into another, and the mitts into yet another. I did the same for scarves, a pillow project, and the spindle spinning. Each family  and each blanket project got its own bag and  There is even a bag of cross stitching in the corner.


I have a lot of project bags. There is even a bag full of bags. Each thing is within easy reach for me to put into my Namaste knitting bag and head out to knit night or the living room. Wherever I want to craft.

I think it looks a lot better.

A small goal but totally doable is to reorganize my knit/crochet accessories.  I know it’s doable because I just did it.

They are all right next to where I sit.  Only a very few things like the double crochet hooks that I’ve never used and the very large knitting needles wouldn’t fit anywhere and are in a tub at the top of this shelf. Everything else, the dpns, the accessory bags, the interchangeable needle set, the circular needles are all right at my fingertips.  I had to move a few things around to open up that shelf but everything I still wanted in that bookshelf is there. I only have to grab an accessory bag and toss it into my project bag and off I go.

I did a few little things like reorganize and tidy up the interchangeable needle bag.  I took all the end protectors, the tightening pins, and the cable connectors out of the tiny ziplock bags and put them into two little plastic containers.

I also moved around tubs of stash.  The spinning stash is now along the same wall as the yarn and the fabric has been moved to its own place on a different wall.  I did a bit of sorting and actually freed up a tub.  All of the stray yarn balls have been sorted back into their proper tubs.

I meant to get all this done before the new year, but I’m perfectly happy that it was finished during the first week of the year. I’ve begun as I mean to go on.