It’s a stashing thing

I went through my cross stitch stash the other day.

I have piles of cross stitch fabric. Plain, beige, white, and hand-dyed.  With and without sparkles. Despite me having a stitching shop’s worth of patterns, I purchased a pattern at Pine Needles in Gardner Village. I was hoping that I would have some suitable fabric and if I don’t care that I’ll have barely two inches on each side, I have some purple linen that I would love to use. At least I didn’t buy more fabric and floss.

I recently decided I wanted to learn to make quilts. I started to amass a fabric stash. I apparently have to put myself on a fabric diet so that I don’t end up with a fabric stash that rivals my yarn stash.

I have a lot of stash. I’m pretty sure no one that knows me is surprised by this. I have been stashing for all sorts of crafts for a very long time. Call it an addiction, retail therapy, adult ADHD impulsiveness, whatever… I have a lot of stash.

You all have seen my yarn stash.  My yarn diet has gone well, with only one slip up purchase since I started late last year. I’ve slowed down a bit on the knitting and crocheting but I’ve stepped up the cross stitching and spinning. My goal was to use up stash and I’ve done that.

This blanket is a little bigger.  I really like this pattern.

I wonder if there is a 12 step program for people that obsessively stash for their chosen hobby or craft.  Does calling it a craft make it feel cheap to anyone else? Knitting, crocheting, spinning, cross stitching, and quilting is an art. I don’t feel comfortable calling myself an artist.