Thursday On My Needles

A candy cane scarf for a local missionary. I need to get it finished before Dec 1 and I need to be working on Danica’s present for her 30th birthday a few days later.

I am close to the end of this semester and I need to get busy with math before the next one starts. Time to get a little inspiration from Elle Woods and hit the books.

Thursday on my needles

I’m not sure I like this new WordPress format. I’m not sure that I don’t. If I blogged more, I would be used to it by now 😉

The semester is winding down. I had to drop a hard class so, I have one easy class and more time for knitting.

Red Heart Stripes in colors I adore. I had just enough left over in this skein to make this 2×2 stretchy hat. Pattern found here. I used a different cast off method to keep the ribbing intact.

Next up: A baby blanket for David’s cousin.

Lion Brand Baby Soft held double so that I get a really pretty color effect and more importantly, the blanket will be finished faster. Standard granny square.

Stash management and the WIP pile

It seems counter intuitive that these two things should go together.  To manage my stash, I need to shop from the stash and cast on new projects. I’ve been saying this for the last three years.  In fact, I started this post about that long ago. I can’t say that I’ve exactly been faithful to my cold sheep promise, but I’ve been better. Stitches West is coming to Salt Lake City in a few weeks and I’m sure to come home with more fabulous things. I should make a plan of one thing I want to make and stick to purchasing for that one thing. This means more Internet surfing and magazine browsing at Barnes and Noble to find the project I want. There’s nothing quite like getting a magazine, a chai tea, and settling down with friends at knit night.

Since I’m not a monogamous knitter, this would add to the WIP pile that I also need to manage. However, I do need to get started on Christmas projects and if I have them kitted up and ready to go right where I can see them (in the WIP pile) I’m more likely to grab them and work on them.

Can I share the picture of the WIP pile again? Here it is when the craft room was downstairs.  I was going to call this The WIP Pile of Shame, but I changed my mind. I have a lot of WIPs.  It’s who I am, I’m not ashamed. It seems to be an ADHD thing that I have a lot of projects going at once to stay interested.  Right now, I’m in school, so the WIP pile doesn’t take precedence. Full disclosure: The pile is a lot bigger than this.

Since I moved everything from the dining room craft room to the new craft room, my WIPs are closer at hand now that I spend a lot of time at my desk doing homework. Or writing, surfing the web for more yarn and patterns.  Tomato, ToMAHto.

UPDATE:  I wrote some of this in September and then school got in the way.  In a good way but still crafting has slowed down a little.  *snork* Like I ever craft quickly.

I needed to stay on a budget so I stomped down feelings of regret and didn’t go to Stitches West. I’m glad it was a great success and hopefully it will keep coming back to Salt Lake. More later on what is on the needles.