HAPPY 2023

Here is a review of what I finished knitting in 2022. The list is a little short.

Chynna’s wedding shawl. It wasn’t the last finish of the year, but it’s the one I am proudest of. I worked and worked and worked on this thing and it was a real challenge. It’s not quite a finish as I ran out of time and ended the thing early. I will pick out the bind off and finish it this year.

Cup cozies. I loved these and Danica got a compliment on them from a barista. I think that’s the coolest praise one can get from a coffee shop cup cozy.

A slouchy beanie. I made this for Danica. She has this hat in a few colors.

Candy cane scarf. I whipped this up on my circular knitting machine. I really enjoy knitting, slowly, by hand, but there comes a time when I just have to get something done fast and this was one of those times. Chynna already had a hat and boot cuffs and this scarf completed the set.

Here’s to a little more knitting in 2023!