Hello world! <- This was just too corny not to change.

The title, while lame, tickled my smallish programming background, so I left it.  This isn’t a blog about programming. I’m not sure what this blog is about. I’m not sure why I wanted to blog, I just knew I did. Maybe I just wanted to pretend I’m cool like Crazy Aunt Purl or The Yarn Harlot. (I’m not, btw) I have so much stuff (drivel, most likely) boiling around in my brain that it needed to come out somewhere. So, here it is. It beats surfing the web and playing Free Cell.  I love Free Cell. My apologies in advance for the blorping that will occur and how weird it’s all going to be while I figure out WordPress.

I’m Kimberly. I’m a middle aged, stay at home mom with three children, four step-children, three cats and one fabulous husband. I love to knit. I also crochet and cross stitch. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl and my home is filled with her afghans. I taught myself how to knit and cross stitch after I was married. I will probably post pictures of things I’ve knitted on this blog. As other knitting bloggers have noted, pictures of cats will be involved. We believe this might be requirement.

I usually try to stay away from politics. Half of it I don’t understand and the other half infuriates me. I am making a conscious effort to keep on top of what is going on.

I was transplanted here to Utah from Texas and always hoped to move back until sometime around the time of my sister’s wedding (*cough* Bridezilla *cough*) I realized that I liked it here. Sometimes, a little distance is a good thing. I miss the South, I really do but up here we get all four seasons. No humidity means that Summer is survivable. We get snow. I LOVE the snow. When I first moved here anytime it would snow I would go outside and just watch it come down. It’s some of the most beautiful stuff in the world,  I don’t ski. It’s a shame, really, but at a young newlywed I couldn’t afford to. Now that I am, um, in my current demographic group, it just isn’t feasible. I love my family. I miss my family. I would like to see them more often, but I am very happy up here in the mountains.

I studied programming in college but, to my everlasting disappointment, I didn’t finish. I would like to go back some day. It’s been a long time, I would have basically start over.  I did manage to use my computer science background while spending several years as a software designer.  I loved the work, the company and my co-workers. I will probably write about them later.

The two blogs I follow right now are Crazy Aunt Purl and The Yarn Harlot. Hopefully my blog will have my own personality and not be a complete rip-off of theirs. They are great ladies, though, and I had to start somewhere 🙂

Thank you to my fabulous hubby, David (love you, baby), who set up the blog and website for me.

I’m almost afraid no one will read this. That’s okay, I’m more afraid that someone will!

I’m going to try to post pictures, but I have to either resize them so they take up less space, or take news ones and lower the settings on my camera. I’m sure hilarity will ensue.

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