Shh! Don’t tell my mom…

But I think I’m going to cast on a shawl that isn’t hers. Back in April, I promised to make her a shawl and she provided me with the yarn and pattern. I’ve wound the yarn into cakes and made the stitch markers that will make following the chart easier but then this happened: 

This is a shawl that if you look closely is edged in TARDIS’. I totally geeked out. And I started thinking that maybe this would be a good beginner shawl to, you know, warm me up for knitting Mom’s way more complicated shawl. No, that wouldn’t be right, I thought. I should start Mom’s shawl. Then this happened. 

Someone said the official color of the TARDIS was Pantone 2955c (I can’t find the BBC saying that yet, but I’m still looking). My friend Wendy brought home a Pantone book from work and we matched the color to DMC embroidery floss #311.  Still, I wasn’t convinced that I should be doing anything but my mom’s shawl (and my Nerd Wars/HPKCHC projects of course).

I ordered some yarn from Knit Picks (Shocking, I know) for the Bigger On The Inside shawl, because I was going to knit it someday just not until after Mom’s shawl. I compared the yarn to my little skein of DMC 311, the yarn just happened to match what is supposed to be the Official TARDIS color.

It’s getting harder and harder to resist. Surely I have time to knit both shawls before the weather cools down in Texas and here. Surely I would never delude myself into thinking I can knit faster than I really do or that I have more time than I really do.

I can hear you laughing from here.

Those in charge of the Knitting Balance of the Universe are about to have a field day with me, aren’t they?