To begin anew

I don’t know what it is about a new year, other than having been raised to believe this way, that makes one think you can start afresh. 2012 was a horrible year, the last half of it anyway, and I’d like to believe that the simple action of turning a calendar page can make things better. I don’t know that 2013 will be better, not enough has changed to indicate that it will be much different.  And yet, I have hope. So, I will make my plans, and make my lists, clean things up and move things along. I don’t really have any end of year traditions, but I had heard of some that I found pleasing.  I tried to make them come to pass but didn’t get as far down that road as I wanted.  I wanted the house spotless and the laundry done, but a small hiccup early in the day laid those plans to rest. Some dishes were done, Mount Washville was ignored, and pizza and sparkly juice was consumed. Two of the people that permanently live in the house got sick. The other two took care of them. I kissed the year goodbye, bade it to not let the door hit it in the bum on its way out, took some Tylenol PM and went to bed.

Today, however, I got some things done that I wanted to do. I cleaned my desk. I put together a small shelf that allows me to store my printer underneath my desk and that frees up some floor space. Cables and cords have been tamed and arranged nicely and that always makes me feel better.  Having an organized space gives me a sense of comfort and allows me to get certain chores done without extra stress.

Knitting is always part of my plan so that will figure into my day in some manner.

So, here is my partial list:

1. I will take a walk whether I lose any weight by doing so or not. I’m just doing it to feel better and if other things happen, good for me.

2. I will kit up several sock projects using patterns I’ve already purchased. I have loads of sock books, there is no need for me to constantly be on the prowl for more patterns.

3. I will organize the knitting bags and stash so that I can just pick up and work on whatever I want without hunting around all over the place for what I need.

4. I will knit some nice things just for me.

5. I will write in my journal and update past journals.

6. I will scan all my pictures.

I woke up to more snow and there are great looking icicles all over the house and yard. This is a good start to the year and it looks like some laundry might even get done.

Happy New Year.