Nothing OTN

That means “nothing on the needles”.  I say nothing on the needles like someone with a closet crammed full of clothes says they have nothing to wear. When I say I have nothing to knit, I mean there is nothing currently in my stash or queue that I want to knit. I’ve hit a knitting slump. I could work on Mom’s shawl, but I’m paralyzed by my current inability to do the pattern she wants and fear that she won’t like the other pattern I picked.  The yarn is beautiful. The patterns are beautiful. And yet, I’m frozen. I could work on the replica of Joshua’s baby blanket but there are some sad memories there. I could start my Lanesplitter skirt but then I’ll feel guilty for not working on Mom’s shawl. I’ve planned to do a large batch of fingerless mitts but seem unable to pick and stick with a pattern. Bleh.

Thank goodness I have World of Warcraft or I’d get nothing done!

I may have to resort to baking.  Or Heaven forbid, cleaning.