Life on the edge of the frog pond

I, without even the slightest twinge of guilt, completely frogged a pair of socks that I managed to knit past the heel. I was learning how to cable and not doing a good job of keeping the cables consistent in size. It was driving me crazy and I knew I wouldn’t like them once finished. I refused to give them another minute of my time and energy and gleefully frogged those suckers and reclaimed the yarn and needles.  🙂  I feel SO MUCH better.


The chair in the picture is my new ride.  A lovely, comfy, hi-backed baby that I bought as a little gift to myself in honor of my new job.

The yarn on the right was, in a former life, a half-completed pair of socks I started for HPKCHC. I planned to make a plain pair of socks and got  talked into putting a cable on them to add a bit of a challenge to the project.  The thing is, socks are already a challenge for me.  I didn’t mind the idea of a basic cable but I kept crossing the cables either too early or too late and I could tell the difference as the sock grew bigger. My OCD was not happy. I finally stopped working on them and tossed them into my WIP basket.  We would glare at each other, from time to time, the socks and I. The socks, daring me to pick them up and carry on as if nothing had happened and me refusing to get sucked into that vortex of frustration and unmet expectations.

On the left, you can see one frogged and one about to be frogged sock.  I unravelled it as soon as I took the picture. The pattern is a great one, but my attention span and sock curse conspired to distract me and I lost my place. I just couldn’t get back into the groove with these guys and knew we really needed to break up. Into the Bag of Lost Socks they went.

I will attempt the Hermoine pattern again, and use the Time Traveler yarn to make a plain pair of socks like I wanted. Maybe I’ll start them now, maybe I’ll work on the other socks that aren’t sitting next to the frog pond or maybe I’ll work on my Mom’s shawl.  That’s life on the edge. I never know what I’ll do next.

Maybe, I’ll just keep spinning this Holy Crap, That’s Lime roving that I dyed using Neon food coloring.