Many different socks

My friend Libi says she’s going to stage an intervention. I seem to start socks but not finish them. I think she might be right. I did finish a pair recently, but I have 7 other pairs on the needles. See, I have a problem with heels. They make me nervous. In my defense, I’m learning many different ways to knit socks. DPNS, one sock on magic loop, two on magic loop and two on two circular needles. So far I’d have to say I prefer the dpns and the one sock using magic loop. TAAT on two circs is just too fiddly for my poor OCD brain. Still, I carry on and I’ll decide when I finish all the pairs what method I will most likely use for my future sock endeavors.

I really don’t think this is too many socks.

I think this is just about right. Um, sure there are a few more but I don’t seem to have a pic handy of them at the moment.  Once I teach all of these how to heel I’ll have a nice happy selection of hand-made socks.

Oh, but I do have some Socks That Rock coming in the mail soon… I may have to start another pair.