Loss of knitting mojo and its replacement.

I’ve lost my knitting mojo. I’m sick of crocheting. Spinning hasn’t even entered my thoughts. Until just now and I don’t want to. This feels different from a normal spring bout of startitis.

So what does a multi-craftual Kimberly do? She goes through, literally, ALL of her cross stitching stuff. I did. I opened all the bags and boxes and containers and looked through all of it.

Holy crap, I have a lot of cross stitching stuff.

I’m feeling the need to get it all out and onto the dining room table so I can get a good picture of it all. I don’t think it will all fit on the table.

I have dozens, maybe hundreds, of skeins of floss in little baggies that I inherited from my mother. ¬†My mother hasn’t passed, she just destashed all her cross stitch stuff since she can’t see well enough to do it anymore. I kinda can’t see well enough either but I’m going to persevere with good lighting, reading glasses, and a magnifying glass. I’m itching to take all that floss and wind it onto bobbins like my floss is.

2016-04-12 16.57.18

I’m anxious to work on one or more of the WIPs that I have from years ago or maybe one of Mom’s WIPs that she included in her generous destash gift. I’m also anxious to start a new project, I just can’t decide which one to start.

Because I can’t decide which of these things to do (wind, WIP, Mom WIP, new), I’m doing nothing but looking at all the stitchy goodness and blogging.