Catching up…

It was a gloomy gray day when I first started writing this catch up post. I don’t mind rainy days even though I prefer the sunshine. Rainy days here means Not Hot. I don’t do well in the heat, so any day that is Not Hot is good 🙂  I haven’t felt like posting much even though things to say keep rolling around in my head.  I thought I would post a few catch up items.

Daddy was here in early April for an investment seminar.  When the seminar was over he spent a couple of days with us and we celebrated his birthday.

Pretty darn handsome for a 70+ guy, huh?

A few weeks later Mom came for a visit and I took her to knit night with me.  We weren’t actually taking pictures of her, Kit pointed out this kid at the table behind us wearing a t-shirt with the word Communist printed on it. What a doofus. We just had to take his picture.

Bless his heart

It was awesome having Mom at knit night.

Right after that was Mother’s Day. I awoke to “awesome Mom” messages written on the bathroom mirrors, microwave door and fish tank.  It was a great day of flowers, jewelry and a stuffed giraffe 🙂  Mom had left a couple of days before and I sent her home with a handful of the knitted and crocheted dishcloths that she likes.