Avanyu hat update

I made the chart for the hat and knit a swatch to see how the little guy would look.

2016-07-22 15.54.05

I decided to make him bigger and to add a couple of rows before and after the avanyu. Originally, I tried to stretch him so he would wrap all the way around the hat, but I was having trouble getting his curves evenly space. I decided I would just knit him twice. I have 108 stitches in the hat and he fit really well into 54 stitches. The tail will stop just in front of the mouth on each serpent.

2016-07-22 16.12.20

Charting the fatter Avanyu.

2016-07-22 16.29.39

I started the 2 x 2 ribbing

2016-07-22 16.30.25

Pattern notes.  I hope the wings come out looking okay. I’m afraid they’re going to look like little legs.

2016-07-23 22.35.23

I added the two gray rows before starting the chart. It doesn’t look like there is going to be enough difference to see the avanyu, but the test swatch of colors looked okay so I’m going to forge along. If I have to, then I’ll make another hat with the superwash wool that had the lighter gray colorway. What translates well on a shiny pot may not look as spiffy on a wool hat.

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