In which I almost make yarn.

Plying was horrible. Then I got some advice and it wasn’t as horrible. Something clicked and it became a little more natural.


Giving the yarn a bath released the KoolAid smells from when I dyed the fiber a few years ago.


It almost looks like real yarn, doesn’t it?  I’m contemplating running it through the wheel again to see if I can tighten up the first bits.  That’s a doable thing isn’t it?

I can’t believe I didn’t finish this post back from October. I did indeed run the first skein back through the wheel and tightened things up and then did the rest of the singles into a second skein.


I got out the niddy noddy and by Nov 1, I had real skeins of yarn.  I need to figure out what to make with them. The point of this exercise wasn’t to get a nice finished object, it was to learn how to dye and spin, so this is kinda weird looking, scratchy feeling yarn. I don’t think a scarf or gloves would be a good choice.  It’s 100% wool, so a hat made from it would be warm if not particularly good looking.


I started plying new things right away but the wheel band broke so I had to wait for another to come in the mail. It was the wrong size so I tied the old and new bands together. I didn’t get around to trying the wheel and I had a lot of Christmas knitting to do. When I have some time I’ll try it out and also order the correct size wheel band.