Can I cook or what?

I hadn’t planned far enough ahead to know what I want to make with the yarn that will eventually result from this project, but I did know that I wanted a three play yarn, hence three piles of fiber.  I also knew that I wanted three colors plied together with each ply being a different color rather than going for a striping or a variegated yarn. I really liked the pink, orange, and yellow that I did a few years ago so I’m going to do that again. 

I organized my Kool-Aid, as one does, before starting the dye project.


As part of my commitment to planning ahead, I split my remaining Corriedale into three equal piles.


Many packets of Kool-Aid died to bring you this color.  I like how it’s come out so far. I’ll know more about the color when the roving is dyed. I need to look into getting a neon orange color.  I’m also letting the roving stay with the odd white bits in it rather than adding more dye. I think a bigger dye pot is in order, but I really like the glass dishes and how you can see through them. 


To be continued…