What did they accomplish?

Last night, as I was thinking about the events of the week, I began to feel dismay.  I began to feel heartache. We had an inauguration and, of course, social media lit up with a megcrapton of negative messages. There was a women’s march that instead of inspiring me left me feeling disappointed. Women across the US created hats that when worn look like cat ears and all the hats were some shade of pink. At first I thought this was cute, pink for girls and what could be cuter than kittens?

Then, I learned that they were actually called something that is vulgar slang for a part of the female anatomy. I saw pictures of women wearing head gear that actually looked like that part of the female anatomy. Instead of being proud of my sisters around the world I was dismayed, disgusted, and disappointed. Why must our feminist efforts inevitably turn crass and vulgar? No wonder feminism gets a bad rap.

They spent their time protesting the results of an election. We have and have had plenty of vile and disgusting people in government positions. The only impression you made on these people was to reinforce their belief that you should be ignored.

Because the hats were handmade, many being knitted and crocheted, the fiber community, my fiber community, was aglow in what a wonderful the thing the crafting community did. But, what did they do? They made an impressive presence, sure. Who did they help? I venture to say, here in the privacy and safety of my own journal and unread by the world blog, that they helped no one. Could they not have made those hats, in a more tasteful pattern, and donated them to those who needed to be kept warm?

Did they help someone shovel their snow? Did they help someone with child care? Did they take a meal to a sick neighbor? Did they help someone search the rubble after a tornado for a loved one? Did they help someone being swept away by flood waters? Did they clothe someone who just lost all of their worldly possessions? Could they not have done those things instead? Could they not have donated the cost of their marching trip to a humanitarian project? I’m sure many of them, let’s say most of them, are generous and caring people. After all, they were were marching for women’s rights. Maybe they do these things on other days. But why not this day as well? Come on, ladies, your time could have been much better spent.  There are plenty of humanitarian projects that help women that could have used your time, energy, considerable talents, and money.

I made a donation to the church’s humanitarian fund then shut off the news and social media. I continued to ponder (I really don’t like that word, I don’t know why) contemplate how I would spend my energy. How should I respond to social media? How should I phrase all these things boiling around in my brain?

The answer came to me. I won’t. I will do my best to not respond or react. From now on, I do my best to post positive things I see. I will post stories about how people are helping others. I will post about any opportunities I find for us to help those in need. I will find someone, something to serve.