A trip to Texas and a list

My part-time job turned into full-time plus lots of overtime and I couldn’t be happier. I’m using my skill set and learning a ton of new stuff at the same time. It took me a while to get my act together and bring a project into the office that I can work on during my many short moments of down time. So, for a few weeks there wasn’t any knitting or crocheting. I got to where I could do a few stitches here and there.

While I was waiting to get back into a groove, I wrote down this list I started making at the beginning of Feb during our trip to Texas.

  1. # of miles traveled – 3,394
    1. From Orem to Magnolia to Euless to Tyler back to Euless back to Magnolia and then back to Orem
  2. # of elephants seen – 0 – I’m disappointed, I have yet to see this mythical Texas elephant.
  3. # of times mom talked about an issue that bugs her – At least once every day I was with her.  I hope my mom doesn’t read my blog.  Love you, Mom!
  4. # of relatives that tried to get us to act as their personal postal service – 1  Just one. The same one that has tried multiple times to get us to hand deliver an item that takes us hours out of our way. Please, just mail the damn thing. I’ll give you the postage. Or better yet, give it to DI. Your intended recipient does not need one more thing shoved into the packed-to-overflowing house.
  5. # of cars that passed us like we were standing still – 2.  Holy cow, were they going fast. Fabulous cars though. If I had those cars I’d probably drive like that, too.
  6. # of times my sister came to see me – 1
    1. voluntarily – 0
  7. # of roads under construction – 83
  8. # of wrong turns – 2
  9. # of public restrooms  – 8  This is just a rough guess, we might stop more than 4 times each day. I’m really happy to report that there are many really nice rest stops on our route. They are so much nicer than back when I was a kid and traveling with my parents to and fro from TX to CA.  Oy, there were so many that were barely a step up from outhouses. And yes, I’ve been in outhouses.
  10. # of uneral services – 2  The main purpose of the trip was to attend the funeral of David’s uncle, Luther Jenkins. While we were in Houston, we heard that a beloved former neighbor had passed away and we attended that funeral as well.
  11. # of Sonic Rt 44 Dr. Peppers consumed- Not enough.  Yes, they were with vanilla.
  12. # of pints of Bluebell ice cream consumed – Ditto
  13. Times AC turned on in Feb – OMG, seriously?  In Feb, we need AC? What the hell is wrong with this state?

My daughter, Chynna,  and I will be doing this all again this weekend.  David is on his way down to Texas as I write and will most likely be there by the time I get around to actually posting this. I’m going to take notes and see if anything of these stats change.  Work did finally settle down and I’m back to my originally intended schedule. The knitting mojo still haven’t come back but after a rough weekend I had a bad case of startitis that was thwarted by indecisiveness. I want to knit, but I can’t decide on a project.

Note on #4.  Already lost that one, David went down with this back seat loaded with things a certain relative just couldn’t manage to send to the recipient themselves. I swear I’m going to stencil UPS on the side of his car.