A few rather plain pictures

I may have started a couple more baby blankets. I wanted to jump up and take pictures of the blankets, but being the only person in the house that can see spots and crumbs on the kitchen table, I had to clean up a bit first.

I remember the days when I’d have a cat that would come in photobomb a blanket picture like this, but sadly those days are behind me and likely to remain behind me for some time.  I had finally gotten up the nerve to think about going check out a local shelter to see if a cat there would accept me. A small conversation was had and I was debated right back down to staying petless for a while longer. I’ve never been with a pet before, it’s uncomfortable. So, the pictures are plain. Just small starts of baby blanket, sans cat. At least the colors are lovely and the table is clean.


I was amused that one of the skeins of yarn had it’s little tail sticking out all ready for me to start.


Every person who needs to reach up high to hook things into a computer should have a makeup mirror, don’t you think?



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