My Knit Night friends and I celebrated World Wide Knit In Public at the Provo Farmer’s Market. Our ringleader, Libi, set up a tent and a table and spun on her wheel and answered questions of the people that would stop and look. We talked to many people about knitting and that if they wanted to learn they were free to come to Knit Night and we’d teach them. If even a small portion of the people we invited come to knit night, we’re going to overwhelm the cafe at Borders.

I found some fabulous bread there, cranberry with orange that was to die for!  I also found some local honey. After I started using local honey in my tea most nights over the winter (this would be about three years ago) I didn’t suffer from my usual allergy attacks during the spring, summer and fall. This last for three years with this spring the first time I’d had any problems with allergies. I was anxious to find someone here in Utah County that kept bees and sold honey.

I didn’t take any pictures of our booth, but we had a nice little tent/pavilion to shade us from the sun. The weather was just right. Not to hot and not too cold.  I had a really good time. I spun on my drop spindle a bit and worked on a new pair of socks using Abi Grasso’s watermelon yarn.  The woman is a genius.  She has so many fabulous self patterning yarns.   Here are some of the ones of hers that I have started: