WIP it, WIP it good

I need to manage my WIPs.  I wonder if buying some fancy project bags would help. I keep finding really neat looking ones. I have a few cute bags, like my Nantucket Bag, and my Art Bin tote, but most are clear mesh bags or zip locks bags.

I have three little cases that hold my knitting paraphernalia. Accessories? Notions?  I think that’s the word I was looking for. I need to manage those, too. The notions get scattered and start to collect in the bottom of my knitting bag, my purse, and on the surface of every table I sit next to while I knit. Every so often I dump all of the things out of all of the bags, gather the rest up from their hiding places, and sort them back into their bags.

I’ll get right on those WIPs, after I start a new thing or two.

I might give myself permission to frog a granny square blanket WIP to make a knitted pattern. How crazy would that be? How on earth do I choose from all the ones I want to make?


2 thoughts on “WIP it, WIP it good

    • The hot pink bag is the Nantucket Bag and I ordered it online. The mesh bags I also ordered online from stitchingbitsandbobs.com. The purple round bag is an Art Bin yarn drum and I got that one at JoAnns.

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