Not a creature was stirring

Well, there was this creature…

Christmas Day passed super quietly with almost no company. All of the kids were elsewhere and we enjoyed a lovely quiet day. I still had to cook and clean, but one never gets away from that, does one? Our celebrations were a few days later which means I still had time to finish knitting.  After more cooking and cleaning, of course.

In addition to a few knitting projects, I did a little stirring myself. The sourdough experiments continued and another batch of peppermint sugar scrub happened.

Still, I was a day or two late finishing the boot cuffs. I was anxious to cast off the last one when this happened:

I know I’m famous for losing at yarn chicken, but that’s not what happened here. I cut the yarn before casting off the stitches on the last needle.

Merry Cook&Cleanmas, everyone!