WIP Management for 2018

How does one manage a large quantity of WIPs?  How does one find balance with finishing a project and starting all the shiny new ones that one comes across? I didn’t manage to conquer this problem while I was a cross stitcher and now I will probably never finish all the really cool patterns I’ve collected and projects I’ve kitted up. I’m starting to fear the same with knitting.

I’m lining up all my project bags and hoping to find some method for getting some time in on each of them.

Should I decide that Wednesdays are for WIPs?  Dedicate a project for knit night? Number them and grab a number out of the bowl and work on it for 2 hours? Random number generator on a spreadsheet?

So, this is the Great WIP Management of 2018. I’m getting an early start.

Step One:

I gathered all my WIPs into one big pile. I’m going through them to see what I still want to make and if there is anything I want to frog.

Frog No. 1  Minecraft Creepers Scarf.

I originally started it for Joshua, but he’s not into that sort of thing anymore and I’ve never seen that he wears his hat. I didn’t like how it was coming out anyway, too thick. I’ve reclaimed the yarn and put it back in stash and reclaimed the cable which is now back in the interchangeable needle bag.

Step Two: Pick something to frog if you don’t want to make it anymore.

Step Three: Document (see above)

Step Four: Feel better about yourself.

Step Five: Pick something and keep it handy.

I think this one will live under my desk so I can pick it up and work on it whenever I want. During the winter is a great time to work on afghans. I have had this yarn For. Ev. Er.

The few skeins that still have a ball band have a Sprouse Reitz price tag on them and then a tag from somewhere else.  I’ve never lived anywhere that had a Sprouse Reitz and I vaguely remember buying this yarn on clearance (84 cents!!  Oh My Gosh) at either a Fred Meyer or a Kmart.  Neither of those stores have been in this area for many, many years.  I’d like to say this yarn is at least 20 years old.