Yarn chicken, this time I won.

I sort of finished a blanket. By “sort of” I mean that I had a small ball of yarn left that I thought might be enough for another round or at least a single crochet edge. A day or so later, I was determined to try. I weighed what I had left. There was 12 grams. I then crocheted one side and weighed again. 8 grams. Well, this should be fine. I finished the round and came up several shells short. Not to be outdone, I ripped back two sides and finished again, this time crocheting a little tighter than I normally do.  Twice.

I should have taken a picture.  It was the closest loss of yarn chicken I’ve ever had.

I ripped all the way back to the beginning of the round and finished it again by crocheting tighter than I normally do. It was a very satisfying game of yarn chicken.