WIPPING right along

The WIP and Cold Sheep project is coming along great. I’m still struggling with wanting to buy some yarn for a candy cane scarf/hat/mitt set that I want to make for Chynna. I’m trying to hold off until next fall. If I still want to do this project at that time, I’ll get the yarn. The yarn I have in mind is inexpensive and I have some of the yarn I need already. The point of the project is to free up space in my craft room, use up some of this fabulous yarn I already have and most importantly, stick to a budget.

I’m rotating the WIPs and getting a little bit done on each one. I’m always surprised at how much you can get done even by doing just a little at a time. These afghans got a little bigger.

That big ball of yarn got a little smaller.

I used up some odds and ends to make a protector for the teflon pans.

I seem to only be working on crochet WIPs. I need to get some of the knitting and spinning in the rotation.