Craft From Stash

It seems a little late in the year to state that 2020 is the year for Crafting from Stash. As I’ve just purchased yarn, I can’t say I’m going Cold Sheep. But for the rest of the year, I’m going to craft from my stash as much as possible.

My craft room will serve as a wonderful fiber shop where I hope to find many forgotten treasures. I’ve never been a monogamous knitter and now I just need to give into my Startitis and try to soothe my soul.

I would really love to purchase a circular knitting machine, but I can’t do that right now. Soon, but not right now. So, I’ve set up my old Bond knitting machine and am working out how to do hats from a flat panel.

When I took this off the machine, I used a circular knitting cable. After I seam up the side to make a tube, I will then do the decreases by hand. On the other end, I will remove the waste yarn and attempt to do ribbing, otherwise, I will bind off by hand and just let it be a roll brim. This is the trial run hat and from there I will know if I want to decrease the number of stitches and/or use a different size stitch plate. The machine fought me a little bit, but once I got going, it only took a few minutes to get enough rows for a hat.

Btw, the yarn I just purchased was name Corona. I don’t think that should count against the craft from stash. Do you?