Pantry Purge

Also known as Spring Cleaning

Since I refuse to come to terms with my yarn, I went through the pantry and food storage. I took an inventory and came up with what we called Armageddon Meal Plans. Food storage is an incredible blessing. It does expire so we need to figure out how to use it up and replace it with new. Spreadsheets were involved. I love a spreadsheet. I can pull up a spreadsheet and see what I have down in the basement area (dubbed StuffMart) without having to search through the boxes.

It was gratifying to get an idea of what we had and the pandemic had taught us what was and wasn’t necessary. It was also nice to have a list and a plan of what we need to do better. We opened all the boxes and like things were grouped together. It was so zen when two partial containers could be combined to make more room.

Then I tackled the bathroom cupboards.

My bathroom isn’t that big. How did all that fit?

Yes, the craft room is next. Eek.