Sometime last June…

We cut down a tree. We rented a boom. I thought they were called cherry pickers. I was wrong. We borrowed Danica’s truck to get the boom to and from the rental place.

David and Joshua cut the limbs from the tree and the rest of us dragged branches away from the base.

I showed the pictures to Dad.

Dad: Why is he wearing a mask?

Me: That’s his beard, Dad.

Dad: He needs hearing and eye protection.

Me: He’s wearing them. I made everyone wear them.

The next week we rented a wood chipper and filled the driveway with shavings.

A really cute nephew helped.

Our nephew Charles was such a trooper. He was exhausted but kept on hauling branches with Stefan and me.

Then, we had a graduation party for Chynna. My baby got her BFA from UVU.

We had many kind of treats that I gleaned from Pinterest:

I am stupidly proud of how they turned out. Almost as proud as I am of her.

To cousins, siblings, and old friends:

I probably started projects.

We’re not that far away from another June and hopefully we’ll get around to cutting down the trunk of the tree and getting the yard to recover from the drought. We took the governor’s advice to just let our yards go, but out neighbors didn’t. So, their lawns are still nice and pretty and ours sucks. :/