Blog? What blog?

Aka – Is it safe to go outside yet?

Aka – Chynna got married!

In the spring of this year, I would have said that was a silly thing to ask. Life seems to be not only sort of back to normal, “normal” isn’t even the “new normal”, it’s just sort of normal.

My family had made it through, one adult kid and her husband contracted Covid, the rest of us managed to avoid it, and then…

It was our turn. We made it through the wedding, then David contracted it at a conference. Then I got it, and then Joshua. I have to say, I’ve been sicker, but not by much. You really can lose your sense of smell and taste. It was just a little surreal.

Before then, however, I was knitting madly on this:

It grew and shrank and grew again for the next few months.

Until it finally became obvious that I wasn’t going to finish in time, because, well, it’s me. I never knit as fast as I can, nor as fast as I think I can, nor stay on target long enough. You get the idea. ADHD is so much fun. I had to make the hard decision to not finish it and it became a shawlette instead of a larger shawl. Why yes, I did block the thing the day before the wedding.

I think it worked out pretty well.

Photo by Jules Wagstaff of Datura Photo. She did a gorgeous job with both of my daughters’ weddings.